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  • Evoplasm Devlog #8

    Hot off the hard drive, the new build “Banker’s Bones” is out now. This is another smaller build as work is going on behind the scenes to get the web version/demo ready. That being said, there still are some new features to try out. We are still working on some issues to get the Steam…

  • Evoplasm Devlog #7

    The new Evoplasm build “Psychodelia Miscellania” is out now. Not so big this time. The big progress this week was continuing work to get the Steam Store page up and running. Still, here’s what’s new: The current plan is to get the Steam page up, then launch an open Beta on Itch. But you can…

  • Evoplasm Devlog #6

    The new Evoplasm build “Bushido Buddies” is out now. It’s a big one! As always you can try it out right now. Hop on the Discord and say “Hi there.” All the cool kids are already here!

  • Evoplasm Devlog #5

    The new Evoplasm version “Reflex Synergy” is out now for both Prelude and Release versions! Check out the Discord to get access today! Here are the full release notes:

  • Evoplasm Devlog #4

    This week we are mainly getting ready for act two and three of the campaign. This means we need to start being able to generate level two and three cells, tiles, and mutations, which required redoing some of the generators and tile setup. Carnivores have also arrived! Meet Hungry Steven and his two older brothers…

  • Three Dummy UX Mistakes I’m Forever Ashamed Of

    I got the chance to demo Evoplasm to strangers for the first time at a Boston Indies demo night the other night. This made me question my game, my life (just kidding), and most importantly my UX design skills. Here are three lessons I learned. Make Your Buttons Unique From Panels When you start a…

  • Evoplasm Devlog 3

    This week we have a couple updates Check it out!

  • Evoplasm Devlog 2

    Exciting updates this week. We have a starting creature builder and three (3!) types of elemental damage, each with different unique effects. Check it out. We’re also working on setting up the Freezebeam Steam developer account, so hopefully we can create a store page soon.

  • Evoplasm Devlog 1

    This is our first devlog! We’ll be publishing these every Friday. This is a first look and let’s play of the game. Enjoy!