Evoplasm Devlog

This is the devlog for Evoplasm – the roguelike creature builder. If you want to try the game join our Discord. You can also follow us on Twitter.

  • Evoplasm Devlog 3

    This week we have a couple updates

    • Music
    • Sound effects
    • Enemy Subtitles/Dialogue/Etc.
    • And most importantly…
    • The Evopedia + Progression System

    Check it out!

  • Evoplasm Devlog 2

    Exciting updates this week. We have a starting creature builder and three (3!) types of elemental damage, each with different unique effects. Check it out.

    We’re also working on setting up the Freezebeam Steam developer account, so hopefully we can create a store page soon.

  • Evoplasm Devlog 1

    This is our first devlog! We’ll be publishing these every Friday. This is a first look and let’s play of the game. Enjoy!