Evoplasm Devlog

This is the devlog for Evoplasm – the roguelike creature builder. If you want to try the game join our Discord. You can also follow us on Twitter.

  • Evoplasm Devlog #8

    Hot off the hard drive, the new build “Banker’s Bones” is out now. This is another smaller build as work is going on behind the scenes to get the web version/demo ready. That being said, there still are some new features to try out.

    • The campaign config/choose a starter screen got a little bit of description on each of the starter creatures to help new players make a decision. There’s also a picker on this screen for ascension difficulty, but it’s disabled/not implemented in all versions for now.
    • Demo versions have Wishlist on Steam buttons all sorts of places. There’s also a Discord link on the main menu.
    • More shaders were fixed for the web version. Background colors might be slightly different on some of the screens (but better, IMO).
    • New menacing Rhabdom Eye boosts critical chance and targeting chance, but doesn’t benefit exploring. Looks menacing like an octopus eye.
    • New encounter: Gambler. Randomizes the mutations on a cell. No you can’t randomize away your brain.
    • New encounter: Banker. One genetic bank is located on the campaign map. If you can find it and get to it you get three free booster vials! Take down capitalism.
    • Half of elite battles have been replaced with spooky graveyards. If you go there you can fight one of your organisms from a previous battle, in classic bones file action. There are also some other tough graveyard lurkers as well, in case you don’t have any bones files.

    We are still working on some issues to get the Steam page up. Then the demo is going to launch onto Itch soon after. But you can play today! Just join the Discord and say “Let’s get spooky”.

  • Evoplasm Devlog #7

    The new Evoplasm build “Psychodelia Miscellania” is out now. Not so big this time. The big progress this week was continuing work to get the Steam Store page up and running. Still, here’s what’s new:

    • More background sky variation. Now battle skies come in a variety of colors, and the future web version won’t look so wild compared to the Windows version. Planning to open source this shader at some point soon.
    • A UI setting has been added to reduce some extra help elements.
    • Enemies have a little delay before they shatter ice with Cytokinesis
    • Bushido got promoted to an elite enemy, but the Bushido Trainee took his place as a normal enemy.
    • The campaign map had a couple of icon updates.
    • Bunch of bugs fixed!

    The current plan is to get the Steam page up, then launch an open Beta on Itch. But you can play today! Just join the Discord and say “I’m here”.

  • Evoplasm Devlog #6

    The new Evoplasm build “Bushido Buddies” is out now. It’s a big one!

    • New mutations: Antlers, buds, swords, and cryokinesis.
    • All creatures have a greeting noise, or warcry, or mating call or whatever, that they’ll happily sing for you when you encounter them in battle.
    • Fire and ice mutations are generally buffed, and fire is much scarier!
    • Starter creatures can now be unlocked with varying requirements (or skip the grind with the skip all button in the Evopedia)
    • Tile information will try it’s hardest to not go off the edge of the screen.
    • Lances and spears are now visually distinguishable from spikes
    • You can’t flee the boss!
    • Settings! Settings Settings!
    • A new boss, and some other new enemies
    • All starter creatures get a special mutation to start!

    As always you can try it out right now. Hop on the Discord and say “Hi there.” All the cool kids are already here!