Evoplasm Devlog

This is the devlog for Evoplasm – the roguelike creature builder. If you want to try the game join our Discord. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Evoplasm Devlog #6

The new Evoplasm build “Bushido Buddies” is out now. It’s a big one!

  • New mutations: Antlers, buds, swords, and cryokinesis.
  • All creatures have a greeting noise, or warcry, or mating call or whatever, that they’ll happily sing for you when you encounter them in battle.
  • Fire and ice mutations are generally buffed, and fire is much scarier!
  • Starter creatures can now be unlocked with varying requirements (or skip the grind with the skip all button in the Evopedia)
  • Tile information will try it’s hardest to not go off the edge of the screen.
  • Lances and spears are now visually distinguishable from spikes
  • You can’t flee the boss!
  • Settings! Settings Settings!
  • A new boss, and some other new enemies
  • All starter creatures get a special mutation to start!

As always you can try it out right now. Hop on the Discord and say “Hi there.” All the cool kids are already here!