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Sparkulous Revenge is a project that I worked on in several different forms off and on since 2008. You can trace its evolution from my game SuperGork through two games I never released, Under the Earth and Fuerte Dragon Rojo.

The idea was to create a top down turn based arcade Roguelike. In 2008 that was a novel idea, but it’s not so original much any more. Its many forms each ran into different design problems. Under The Earth lacked tension and had too much inevitability in its level generation. Fuerte Dragon Rojo failed to use its procedural generation to create an interesting action-adventure game. The final project is much closer to a simple arcade game like Pac-Man. I wasn’t sure if I would ever release this game, but I decided one weekend that I should wrap it up and release it as is.

Stylistically my goal was trying to capture the feel of the arcade games I played as a kid, with the addition of procedural generation for level generation. My favorite arcade is Jilly’s in Ocean City, New Jersey. At Jilly’s I was always pulled towards the pinball machines and the neglected row of classic arcade machines. I can still remember Centipede, Galaga, and Crystal Castles chirping away from behind alien neon displays. In my dreamsSparkulous Revenge would be sitting next to them.

I don’t think Sparkulous Revenge is a great game, but I still think it would be a decent addition to an arcade as  a four player alternative to Pac-Man. Someday I’ll build an arcade machine for it. I hope you enjoy.

Assuming you have windows, to install, just download and extract to a new folder. Then execute SparkulousRevenge.exe. You can read how to play in readme.txt. P.S. I didn’t do any compatibility testing, so if you have any problems let me know and I’ll try to fix it.