I’m Matt Fister. I’m a software engineer. I make things sometimes and this is one of them. I’m bad at collecting all of my projects, so this is my latest attempt to do so.

Highlighted Projects

freezegame (2017) A 2D Python 3 game engine built on top of Pyglet.

freezeword (2015-2016) A python module that contains some linguistics tools and vocabulary lists.

Spicy Tables (2016) Little random tables for spicing up Dungeons & Dragons encounters.

Ruin Dogs Dungeon Generator (2016) A dungeon generator for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Coin & Dice Toss (2016) My friend Mark made a coin and dice flipping app for iOS. I made some pixel art coins for in-app purchases.

 Simulationist Fantasy Novel (2015) My entry into NanoGenMo2015. Read a random fantasy novel!

Stefon Bot (2015) Twitter bot that replies to @mentions with a description of New York’s hottest club.

Sparkulous Revenge (2013) Turn based arcade game for Windows.

Extranaut – Download (2010) Metroidvania game for Windows.

Jumpfinity – App Store (2009) Procedurally generated platformer for IOS.

SuperGork – Download (2008) A console based robots clone for windows with procedurally generated levels.

Social Stuff

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